Pitbull Feed Habits Breaking - Anti Pick up!

How to Break the Habit of Your Pitbull to Feed from the Ground. Manners "at the Table": Pitbull Upbringing, What and Where One May Eat

Everyone knows how to feed the Pitbull, but not anyone can make it well-bred and to wean your pitbull pick up. And anyway, what is it education? After all, every day we face different situations and our reaction to them, consciously or unconsciously, is already a kind of education. Here we liked, we complimented the Pitbull, there "no" and immediately we punished it, somewhere just "indulged" ... And so, day after day and our four-legged friend grows and absorbs both this and that and another behavior.

As a result you obtain what you have personally invested in your Pitbull. Unconscious training, without any principles and laws makes the animal just "reckless" thing. And you cannot really control the Pitbull's behavior. Its habits are shocking not only for you, but also for strangers. For instance, when your Pitbull eats litter, Pitbull eats stool or Pitbull eats feces. It suddenly barks or the Pitbull picks up the street "leftovers" and simply does not respond on the comments of the. And it is practically impossible to retrain an adult Pitbull. Because it considers its natural behavior and remembers every moment in its "puppy" age. To eat all that occurs on the way is in the Pitbull nature, like for a human to eat with his hands. And the problem consists in the thing, how is it to break the habit of the animal from the ancient instinct with millennial experience?

The first problem is to train the Pitbull with the help of imprinting. It means that what was the first thing to see and to remember. For example, a Pitbull-mom ate a piece of food, which was placed outside the bowl; therefore the puppy will do it too. If this situation is repeated a second time as an adult Pitbull will unconsciously repeating "imprinted" in her memory behavior.

One may consider as another difficulty our attempts to break the habit of the Pitbull from "foraging" instinct when also your Pitbull eats feces with the help of all sorts of obstacles, motivating that the animal will gradually stop its responding to outside food. On the one hand your actions are correct, but on the other hand, you cannot always and everywhere see to it. Here the law of "unplanned" corroboration shows up, instead of securing "full negative corroboration."

Often a poor diet serves the signal to "find something edible" for the Pitbull. Owners perceive the animal not as carnivorous, but as herbivore. The diet includes food products that do not meet the needs of a Pitbull's body. Instead of meat it is being fed with food rich on carbohydrates and cooked foods. The hunger and growing organism make the Pitbull always search additional food and then the situations when your Pitbull eats litter, Pitbull eats stool or Pitbull eats feces won’t appear.

In order to protect your Pitbull from the wrong acts it is important to teach it a few rules of behavior at the table.

The first rule. It is important to feed the Pitbull only from its bowl or out of hand. Do not allow other kinds of feeding. Wherever you are, it is desirable to give the food only in the dishes. This behavior will train the Pitbull’s thinking to eat only out of the bowl and the Pitbull pick up will be rare.

The second rule. The command performance. It means that from the very young age, you train the Pitbull to start eating only with your permission. You train specially the animal’s feeling of self-control. For example, when feeding a puppy keep it before the full bowl during 15-30 minutes and only then give the command. As it grows, increase the self-control due to training only command meals.

The third rule. Do not permit your Pitbull to pick up the fallen piece of food. When feeding show the Pitbull by your behavior that it cannot eat the thing that fell outside of the bowl or that is not in your hand. You do not need to beat a puppy, just hold it and then offer another piece in a hand. Leave a fallen piece lying and do not feed with it the Pitbull in any way.

In order the Pitbull can master the useful rules one should conduct lessons with it. You can already begin to train it from 2-3 months of age. When feeding, just like drop eventually a piece of food, while watching the reaction of the puppy towards it. If he reaches out to it, then take it out and feed from your hand. As your puppy grows, teach it not to respond to the fallen pieces of food. Teach your Pitbull to sit a little longer over the food, while feeding from the hand with something tasty.

If you walk and guide your Pitbull on a leash, try to throw around the bits of food. This technique will allow you to see how the Pitbull has learned the rule. Once an animal reaches out to your hand, and not to the fallen piece, you can compliment yourself!

The fourth rule. Do not teach your Pitbull to eat from other people hands. Train the Pitbull usually not to take the food from the hands of strangers. By this the Pitbull should not react to someone else's hand with aggression or fear. Since in urban conditions the children may want to feed a Pitbull and Pitbull’s well-bred character is very important.

It is quite real to teach the Pitbull such behavior. It is important for the animal to learn that the stranger will never feed. Even reaching out his hand with a piece, he will never give it. And here once again we want to notice that in this case the feeling of aggression or cowardice must not be produced in a Pitbull.

The right reaction in a Pitbull is achieved through special training sessions. Involve your relatives and friends in training. They have to perform this action: to give the Pitbull in a hand a piece of tasty thing and as it is approached the food must be clenched in a fist. It is desirable to have more helpers. If people are the same, the puppy quickly gets accustomed and the result of lessons may be negative. Personal feeding after another person will help to fix the learned lesson.

The main thing in such training sessions that eating behavior is not fully denied. Puppy grows and the additional feeding for his body is quite natural. If there is none, the Pitbull can search for the food "on the other side" and you again will face with the problem when the Pitbull eats litter, Pitbull eats stool or Pitbull eats feces.

The fifth rule. To carry out all the listed rules. There should be no exceptions. In all rules there are clear actions of the "failure in obtaining food" from another source. It means that the Pitbull begins to understand why to reach out to the point where nothing will be given. The danger in this situation can be an "incidental" eating of food not from your hands. It is desirable to eliminate such behavior or all your classes will be useless. The process of breeding will become difficult.

Remember that negligence is not allowed in raising a Pitbull. If you're a bad mentor, you will render a negative impact on the behavior of the Pitbull. It will not only become trained, but on the contrary it will be strengthened in its misunderstanding. Therefore, here only "painful" signal can help to indicate the food out of the bowl or on the palm of a stranger as a threat.

Perhaps the "food reflex" is the strongest in the Pitbull and it is the worst thing to struggle. Therefore, there are many ways to organize proper nutrition. As already mentioned above, mainly an unhealthy diet leads to wrong actions. The Pitbull begins to act as a food "miner" and the Pitbull eats stool again

A very positive effect has the "second rule" - to eat only by team owner’s command. The following rule determines the severity of meals location, only out of the bowl or from the hands of the owner. In order to break the habit to pick up the street food and in order your Pitbull not eat litter, you can wear a muzzle on the Pitbull or give the command to carry a “fetch” object.

The development of incompatible behavior influences positively. During the walk you teach the Pitbull to bring you different items in exchange for tasty items. The inhibition of position-finding is also useful.

The feeling of pain helps to wean the Pitbull from "unnecessary food" and the situations when the Pitbull eats stool won’t appear. One can spread the pieces of food with something spicy, such as mustard and allow the Pitbull to eat it.

Try to determine the ways to educational measures and approach with all responsibility to your "friend." And you will not have to be ashamed of his behavior as when your Pitbull eats feces or Pitbull eats litter and worry about its health.

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