Amstaff Training - The Main Principles (Part 2)

What are the Main Principles of Amstaff Training?

Amstaff training is especially effective from two till six months. Amstaff training shouldn`t be in a compulsory manner, otherwise it will become hardened in heart.

Amstaff should be trained to a command "Give!". For this purpose take away from Amstaff puppy his favourite dog toy or dog chew bone from time to time saying "Give!" at the same time. The dog toy taken away can be returned to Amstaff after a while. As a result the dog will recognize you as a leader, which can take away from it everything he wants.

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From the variety of dog breeds Staffordshire Terrier can show leadership skills, therefore in disobedience attempts such dog should be stirred up properly.

Excessive aggression at Amstaff to other dogs also demands rigid reaction. For prophylaxis of similar aggression it is necessary to provide to a puppy of Stafford the regular contact with peaceful dogs. From early age Stafford has to get acquainted with world around. After carrying out the main vaccination visit with a dog crowded places, go near intensive traffic, carry in the car or by bus, take with itself in shop. As a result the adult dog will quietly behave in similar situations.

Do not force a puppy to things which cause fear in it. Show patience, bringing it to them, but thus do not console. The puppy will apprehend a consolation as a praise and encouragement of the fears.

Amstaff Playing with Its Favourite Ball

Staffy should provide conditions for activity. For this purpose longer walk a dog, play with it a ball in the fresh air, be engaged in fetch, to a warm season go to bathe. Amstaff likes to play a ball very much, however they not always bring it. Two balls will help to solve a problem. Throw the first – the dog will rush off behind it. Only she will seize him, show her the second ball and throw it into the opposite side. After a while the dog will start putting one ball at your feet and to rush behind another.

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