Dog Grooming - Take Care of Staffy Hair Right

How to Take Care of Staffy Puppy Hair Correctly?

If you decided to get Staffy puppy, then you should think carefully because there is no point of getting Staffy out of mere freak, after all the dog becomes the same full member of your family and will need a certain dog care and attention.

Puppy care is the same as a child care as you should be responsible for the puppy health. Feed your Staffy puppy with healty dog food. Your Staffy should also have its own place and the most important is to train the dog correctly!

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Before getting Staffy puppy check carefully whether it has no mites, fleas (external parasites), otherwise take it to the vet. Besides internal health of Staffy puppy, it is necessary to pay attention to its hair.

You should comb out Staffy puppy hair carefully with special dog grooming supplies such as dog grooming brushes, dog combs and dog hair removers to make your puppy`s coat smooth and silken. It`s allowed to bathe your Staffy puppy when it`s 3-4 monthes old.

Many dog owners try to keep their dogs clean by frequent puppy bathing, but shampoos (even the best dog shampoos) destroy a protective fatty layer which is responsible for shine, impurity and secures the dog from hypothermia and bacteria penetration.

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Don`t bathe your Staffy puppy very often, you can wipe it with damp cloth and brush it with the dog comb. Pay attention to Staffy puppy feeding, because it`s a foundation of dog health, well-looking and shiny hair.

Remember, that Staffy puppies and grown-up dogs eat not always what people eat so you have to consult with the vet what you can give your the dog. Your puppy need natural balance dog food, dog vitamins and minerals to avoid growth retardation. Take care of your Staffy right and he`ll always look well!

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