Dog Feeding - How to Feed a Grown-Up Amstaff (Part 2)

Amstaff Falls Asleep After Good Dinner

You can feed your Amstaff not only with natural dog food, but also with dry dog food. First, it`s very convenient because you shouldn`t spent time for dog food processing and cooking. Second, dry dog food is carefully balanced and contains necessary vitamins and trace for puppн and grown-up Amstaff healthy growth.

Dog Feeder Water Bowl

Amstaff Will Eat Much Slover with Interactive Feeder

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If you prefer to feed your Amstaff with ready-to-eat dog food, it is recommended to select high-quality dog food (professional or a premium class), which contains all necessary components. Daily intake of such dog food is calculated on 1 kg of Amstaff body mass and is specified on a packing.

Follow the next tips when feed Amstaff with dry dog food:

  • start giving new dog food with small portions, thus it is necessary to watch Amstaff body response and to change dog food brand in case of allergy or digestive disorders;
  • it is not recommended to give to give a purebred Amstaff dog cheap dog food of little-known brands, the desire to save money can lead into the digestive tract activity disorder;
  • buy dry dog food intended for certain age (for puppies, grown-up dogs, old dogs).

This innovative dog feeder will keep your Amstaff from overeating and obesity. It is the best dog plate for Amstaff healty feeding from puppyhood!

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Green Interactive Dog Feeder Water Bowl for Adult Staffy

To be continued...