Miniature Bull Terrier


The miniature bull terrier has been known since the 19th century, when bull terriers weighing 3,6 kg were popular in England because they could catch rats excellently. A certain Tine mini bull terrier dog choked 50 rats in 18 minutes. Toy-terriers were especially popular in 1820 - 1850, who weighed only 3 - 10 kg. The mini bull terriers came along by crossing standard bull terriers with old English toy terriers (Manchester toy terriers).

As long as breeding such tiny dogs was not the easiest thing to do (the dogs weren't very healthy), in 1883 the weight of the miniature bull terriers was exceeded up to 11 kg. Though bigger dogs were much healthier, the tiny dogs kept on winning fans.
So in the beginning of 1990, the breed divided into three sub-breeds: heavy, middle and toy bull terriers. As always, the mini breed variant proved to be unhealthy and of poor constitution. However the mini dogs whos predecessors were big bull terriers, were built better while the ancestors of  of mini dogs had round heads, protuberant eyes and short muzzles.

In 1914 the standard weight for mini bull terriers was set at 5 kg. In 1920-s the breeding of miniature bull terrier decayed and the toy bull terriers disappeared at all. So the weight restriction was exceeded to 8 kg what let the breeders get bigger and healthier dogs.
В 1938 году был основан первый клуб миниатюрного бультерьера, а его председатель Ричард Х. Глин добился того, чтобы в 1939 году порода была официально признана 

In 1938, the first mini bull terrier breeders club was founded. Its head, Richard H. Gleen made the English Kennel Club officially accept the breed in 1939. Since that time the bull terrier breed divides into standard and miniature dogs. The modern mini is built proportionally like its standard relative. If you look at a picture of bull terrier you can't surely tell a mini from a standard dog. 

The shoulder hight of a standard bull terrier is 53 - 56 cm, of the miniature English bull terrier - 25 - 35 cm correspondently, they weigh 11 - 15 kg.

So bull terrier is strong, brave and insistent like a real bull dog and has stick-up ears like true white English terrier. It is agile and rather fast like a spotted dog and has special features that no other breed has. This breed stands between the bull dogs and the terriers, but the bull dog qualities prevail.   

The typical bull terrier owners usually adopt them as companions, they love everything stable and firm but elegant at the same time. This dogs love resting in an easy chair or on a sofa, but it needs good physical activity for normal life. It helps the dog get rid of spare energy. Bull terriers are not only physically strong, they have strong character, this is to be noted by their potential owners. You should educate you bull terrier from an early age so that it doesn't even think to contradict the owner's will. Otherwise you won't cope with a grown-up dog who's got powerful muscles and extraordinary strong jaws. Yoiu can't deal with force, as bull terriers are stubborn by nature.  

Bull terrier grooming is easy, but you should brush it regularly, otherwise the prickly hair will be spread all over the place: in the furniture and in the clothes. Feeding this dog breed is not a difficult thing either, you just should watch their weight and not let their rippling muscles be dissolved in fat.

Speaking about the mini bull terrier's health, some note that these dogs have weak immunity, which is explained by lack of Zinc. The disease reveals itself by nervous issues and skin colour changes. Little pups usually don't survive this illness. The mini English bull dogs also have skin diseases, especially dogs of white colour. This also has to do with weak immunity system. You should consider you mini bull terrier's diet so that you exclude products your dog doesn't endure. The breed representatives sometimes also have a deficiency they inherited from white terriers - the deafness. You can't easily define a pup who is half deaf. Surely you can't breed deaf dogs. As many terriers, the bull terriers can have secondary glaucoma, though this disease can be healed by surgery. But you can't breed these dogs either.

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