Should You Get a Dog for Your Child - Yes or No? (Part 1)

What are the Benefits of Keeping a Dog?

Kids, who have grown up without a puppy, have lower intelligence, than children who had a dog. Additionally, it`s less morbid for such children to enter the society. Research suggest to that fact. Perhaps, many kids dream about dogs for this reason. Opinions vary about whom to choose. The leading position takes the dog by no means. The second place is take birds. Then the cat follows. Then gnawers, aquarium fishes and a monkey. Parents are identified with their children in this case. We all know many cases of negative attitude of adults to pets. And there were a lot of reasons to defend such point of view. But then everything changed.

Rottweiler with Children

Dog is the Best Friend of Your Children

Let's see other benefits of friendship between children and animals. There exist a point of view that dogs are the reason of children`s allergy. However, American doctors make their own conclusions. Those families, who keep dogs have a less risk to catch various diseases related to allergic reactions, however for the beginning you have to make certain, that the dog has no skin diseases, for example leishmaniasis. It turns out that nearly 80% of children, who live in the families, which keep dogs, had amazing immunity to some allergic reactions. According to medical professions, immunity of the child swithes a larger resource to suppress certain types of allergy. And when you take the dog for your child, it teaches him to be responsible for what he have tamed, to love and to care.

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