The Dog is Afraid of One of The Family

How to Overcome Dog`s Fear of One of The Family

In these cases the dog is gradually got accustomed to the subject with a method of operant conditioning. However, this method demands a lot of time, special conditions and skills of the dog trainer. Besides: if the reason of fear is in the behavior of the person, the success of dog training can be incomplete, especially if the dog is too fearful. It is much easier to solve the problem by means of imitation of signals of reconciliation.

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First of all, the person has to check, whether his body language corresponds to the body languare of the dog:

  • the voice should sound softly, quietly, not too loudly and friendly, cheerfully;
  • the body should move, but the movements shouldn`t be fussy and chaotic;
  • the movements should be glide, not fussy and rather sure;
  • don`t bend to the dog through its head. Bend to the dog side-on, hunker down avoiding a direct look.
  • the dogs are also frightened with the poses, that make the person bigger: motionless body, the person is spreadeagled.

If the behavior of the person corresponds to the body language of the dog in whole, than the person should show the dog that he`s undangerous imitating the signals of reconciliation each time when he meet the dog.

Example 1. Rebuilding Relations After The Injection

The dog owner gave the dog a paiful injection and the dog started being afraid of the owner it had good relations with before. But however hard all the family members tried to accustom the dog to the owner again, they failed at all. Then they left all attempts to palm the dog with dog treats and decided to try the signals of reconciliation: each time they met the dog or when they were in the room together, the dog owner turned its back or turned sideways on the dog, turned the head or simply looked aside. In two weeks the problem was solved: the dog began to trust the owner again: it started coming up to the owner on its own initiative.

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As in the former case, the dog didn`t need dog treats to stop being afraid of the owner: this "object" does not become less fearful with the helping of delicacies. Proper communication could reconcile them only, and dog treats could be only pleasant addition to this communication.

Example 2. The Dog And a Stranger

I decided to sit on the river bank in that picturesque place where the river bends around the small peninsula. But young people had a tremendous time on the peninsula and the harassed Setter randomly ran with them. The Setter set at me with deafening bark and springed back each time when it seemed to it that I can offend it. I wanted to leave, but after all I decided to try to calm the dog: I sat down and turned my face to the water and back on the Setter. Within some seconds the dog stopped barking. I kept seeting, thinking that the dog escaped. What was my surprise when I, having incidentally looked back was saw as a timid dog, having bent down to the earth, tried to creep up to me behind to find out who I was: my pose showed it that I was undangerous and it decided to satisfy the interest.

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