What Are Dogs Scared of?

What Are Dogs Afraid of?

What is dog phobia? It is an uncontrolled fear of something or somebody. Fearfulness and hesitancy are character features, but sometimes they are the results of stress.

Pitbull ID Tag BoneWhat are the most common dog fears and their causes?

1. Dog is afraid of loud noises (fireworks, shots, thunder).

As a rule, if a puppy is scared of any loud sound from the early days you had taken it and this doesn't pass after adaptation, it is more likely an inherited mental problem. Mentally healthy Staffy, Pitbull or Bull Terrier shouldn't respond in panic to a sound of falling of keys or loud knock of a door. However, sometimes the fear of loud sounds arises also to adult animals. Most often it is connected with inappropriate use of fireworks and fly flaps (when they are thrown almost under the dog's feet) or with stress, which was followed by loud sounds.

2. Dog is afraid of a car (transport and riding).

Dog Car Leash Seat Belt

This phobia arises because of owners in most of cases. If Staffy saw buses, trams, cars only afar and had no opportunity to learn what they are, then it is naturally that the owner will face with dog hysterics trying to get it into. Car phobia, which is the result of hitting by an auto, is less widespread. This is the owner, who is fault for this situation because he or she hasn't kept up the dog.

3. Dog is afraid of water.

There is an opinion that all dogs like and can swim. However, it is wrong. This doesn't mean that the dog will feel "like a duck to water" in any lake or river at all. Such methods as throwing the pet out of a boat amidst the lake or forced pulling the puppy on a leash in water provoke panics and psychosis.

How to cure and to avoid dog fears?

Floating Dog Ball on RopeThe owner should learn to help the pet to struggle with fears to make life with the dog was more comfortable. Dog phobias are corrected, though this process is long and demanding systematic repetition.

Train your Staffy to loud sounds step by step, but the noise shouldn't spring a surprise on the dog at the beginning, otherwise this doesn't help matters.

Staffy training to ride in a car should be started from the early puppyhood. Show also the puppy what the bus or tram is even if you have the car. Teach the dog to take going in and out of public transport and jogging in it easy. This will help to avoid stress if you suddenly need to go somewhere not by your car.

Lead by example your Staffy to help it in water fear overcoming. It is enough for the dog to come to water's edge and to wet paws at first. Further you can throw a toy in water to get Staffy puppy interested (the distance to the shore is increased gradually). Dogs, which don't afraid of water and swim with pleasure, can also help. Positive example is excellent motivation.

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