Get'em!’ Command Training

How to Teach the Dog the ‘Get'em!’ Command

Dog Bite Tug for Pitbull, Staffy Training | French Linen TugThe begin to train the dog the ‘Get'em!’ command  is only after the animal goes through the full course of the beginner’s training, because otherwise the master will not be able to control his pet.

Before proceeding to the learning the ‘Get'em!’ command one should concern himself  that the pet performs good the commands – sit, down, stay, give, heel, stop that, and also possess good self-control.

The training process of the ‘Get'em!’  Command should begin after the animal passes the obedience course, because the animal should implicitly obey the master and perform all the commands with lightning speed. Otherwise it will be very difficult to stop the dog that is going to attack a human, if the master does not control the movements of the animal.

How to teach the animal ‘Get'em!’ command?Full protection police bite suit 2013, UK, pitbull training suit

A dog is a very powerful weapon, because good trained animal after the command ‘Get'em!’   immediately performs the order and assaults the defined target.

However one should remember that one gives this command only in case of urgency – to defend the innocent human or own life. After the attack the master must give the command “stop that” or “no”, after that the animal stops and stands guard over a criminal.

That is why the training of the animal should be started since young age, in order that in future it will be easy to control the dog. One will be able to breed the additional spite for already adult animal, but only in case if there is an emergency.

That is why every owner must know how to teach the dog to perform commands, thanks to this the beginning of training may be carried out since 3 months age.

The breeding of a puppy begins since that time as the animal appeared in the house, otherwise when the character will be shown, it will be very hard to place the animal under the command.

It is very hard to imagine the animal that is taught the spite without obedience. Because in this case the animal will be fully out of control and nobody will guarantee that the dog won’t attack and bite the passing by person or this own master.

It is very important, because a person who takes the dog for protection work and who breeds the guard dog from him, must control it in the full extent and be 100% confident that the animal will perform any command in a moment.

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