Angry Dog. Why? What to Do?

As you know, the dog is the human’s friend. But lately it’s been hard to agree with this point. The number of angry dogs is growing year by year. And not the dogs are to blame but their owners. Moreover they train their pets wrong and don’t watch their behavior in the street. For example if you walk your bull terrier without a muzzle, anyone would say, it is an angry dog.  

There are certain rules in the European countries, which all dog owners must follow. An angry dog will be no longer “angry”, if walked on a leash, with a muzzle on. It is a good practice as well as watching your dog during walks and cleaning its droppings.
Still an angry dog is a sort of norm for our time. They usually talk of dogs not as of friends but as of enemies. The angry dogs become real threat for humans. The peak of the dogs’ aggression has been occurring since the last ten years. Why? Because this decade was marked by a trend of keeping angry and aggressive dogs.

 There many cases, when a dog bit its big two-legged friend to death. We would like to introduce some tips to get rid of a dog attacking you.

Remember you should not tease an unknown dog, even if it seems quite friendly! You don’t know anything about its behavior. The dog can turn into a furious beast any time. Any of your gestures can be interpreted as a challenge, and the dog turns into an angry one. Here are some other behavior rules. Never Approach a dog who seems to guard something or when it has a romance.

A dog protecting its bone, its beloved mate or some valuable thing is a very angry dog. It can easily attack you, as soon as you come close enough. Dangerous are dogs, protecting villas and cottages in the country. For this purpose angry dogs are selected. So you should never climb over fences, your life is precious!

If you see that the dog is aggressive to you, never turn your back on it. Neither should you try to run away, it will make it haunt and you, because the dog will consider you a week creature who deserves to die. If you stand still instead, you demonstrate your strength, you it’s better not to mess with you. You should go away from an angry dog slowly, looking it in the eye and not showing your fear. Do not wave your hands or make any other jerks, it will be interpreted as aggression. And the last tip. If you’re attacked by a dog, don’t fall down to the ground. If you do, you will have less possibility to protect yourself. So lean over a wall or something. And if the attacking dog jumps, press your chin to your chest and put your arm forward.