Prong Collar for Pitbull with or Without Buckle?

Best Prong Collar for Pitbulls

Pinch collar for Pitbulls is intended for strict training of hard to train dogs. Prong collar will help to correct behavior of disobedient and aggressive Pitbull and to stop pulling on the lead. There are two contrary opinions about pinch collars using. Some Pitbull handlers are set against them considering these outfits hurtful and inhumane. Professionals use and recommend prong collars as very efficient tools for behavior issues correction.

Prong Collar for PitbullPinch collars are safe if to follow several important rules. First of all, consult a trainer before getting a prong collar and use it under his supervision if required.

Pay careful attention on the quality of the collar. Use only high-class collars from qualified producers like Herm Sprenger and ForDogTrainers.

Prong Collar Proper Use:

  • Don't leave Pitbull alone with the prong collar on.
  • Choose the right size of the prong collar to make Pitbull training safe and effective.
  • Never try to put the prong collar on over Pitbull's head because you may traumatize the dog's eyes.
  • Wear the collar behind Pitbull's ears and under the jaw line.
  • The collar is used for Pitbull training only and not for daily walks.
  • Don't leave the dog tightened on the leash with the collar on.
  • Prong collars are not for Pitbull puppies. They can traumatize neck and trachea of a small dog.

How does prong collar work? There are prongs on the inner side of the collar to press on the neck of the dog. They aren't sharp and act like the mother-dog teeth. Thus the action of a pinch collar is built upon natural instincts. Prongs are highly-polished to prevent injuries. They don't put pressure on the dog's neck when the collar is not tightened.

Pinch Collar for PitbullsThere are prong collars with and without buckles. Which model is more suitable for your Pitbull?

Prong collar for Pitbull with buckle is handy to use. It is put on and taken off easy with one click of a quick-detach buckle. It saves your time and helps to collar Pitbull safely. The buckle is sturdy and almost unbreakable. It won't unlock accidently and will resist hard loads. The collar with the buckle is very convenient. Just a few seconds and your Pitbull is ready to go out!

Prong collar without buckle is fastened and unfastened by 2 prongs detaching. The collar is fitted with firm chain with 2 solid rings for leash connection. When you connect the lead with a loose ring, the collar acts as a choker. It will press on Pitbull's neck at tension. The collar is used in such a way when the dog refuses to obey.

If you start Pitbull training, attach the leash to a fixed ring. Thus you will come in contact with the dog because the tightening is always stable in this variant of lead attachment. This method is advisable in first weeks of collar using.

As you see, both models are effective and not violent if to use them properly. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.