Dangerous Dogs, part II

Speaking about the "dangerous" breeds, these are the following:
• Pit bull terrier
• Japanese Tosa Inu
• Dogo Argentino
• Fila Brasiliero

Note that "Dangerous Dogs Act" lists not the breeds themselves, but breed types. That means not just pit bull, but "pit bull type", a dog looking like pit bull (Tosa, Fila or Dogo Argentino).
Another feature is that, of all "dangerous dogs" of the bull terrier type, the English legislator chose the American pit bull.

The Act does not apply on the English bull terrier. The portrait of Elisabeth I with her white bull terrier is a wide spread motive of souvenirs in Britain. They is even a story of Princess Anne's bull terrier attacking a Welsh corgi, which belonged to Elisabeth II. The same dog attacked two children in a park. Nevertheless bull terrier wasn't declared a dangerous dog and wasn't banned in England. Princess Anne paid a fine and she was said to 'watch her dog'.

This means:

1. The "Dangerous Dogs Act" does not contain any English breeds. Although there are some incidents with them.
2. A banned breed doesn't mean the absence of such breed in Britain. Pit bulls and their crossbreeds still live there. They just must be kept with some restrictions.

3. The law applying on the breeds doesn't work appropriately. It does not promote the public safety. The dogs still attack and bite people, some of the attacks end fatally.
4. The legislation trend is so that the "dangerous dogs" list can grow in the future. Though some legislators say, the law must be amended with the accent on the dog owner's liability, whatever the breed.