Real Bull Terrier's Nature

What is a Real Bull Terrier?

Read this article and smile before you take offence at the dropped phrase: “Hey, lady, isn’t it a pig walking by you?”.

This article wasn’t written for those, who perceive this issue too responsibly and serious. There are two standards for those people: English and American. We want to talk about what real Bull Terrier’s temper and behaviour should be (and mostly they are). 

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier is a Great Family Breed

So, let’s start. Firstly, real Bull Terrier should love you and look at you with devoted dewy sparkling eyes that light at night. He loves you so much that his love becomes your disaster. He will sit on your head, wagging his tail and dangling his paws all day long. He will follow you, lie at your feet, when you prepare food, and will sit on your knees, when you have a rest and watch TV at the end of the working day.

Real Bull Terrier’s love for sitting or lying on an armchair or a sofa is a great thing. During this pleasant activity he must be on the same armchair or sofa with you. If the armchair turns to be too small for two, real Bull Terrier always finds some unexpected solutions. For example, he begins to shift from paw to paw, yelp and show with all his conduct that he needs outside on “urgent business”. When you stand up groaning, put on your clothes and stop in the cold hall to wait for your Bully, you can chill finally. Your real Bull Terrier has already been enjoying sleeping in your warm cosy armchair. He can even snore, when you, like a hurricane, rush into the room to express him everything you think of him. The promise to never swallow his bait is doomed to failure. He will figure out something new next time.

Studded Dog

Real Bull Terrier Loves to Rest

Real Bull Terrier is extremely curious and self-assured. He “changes the rules of the game” every day and bide, whether he can become the “Boss”. He checks everything you do making you crazy with his black wet nose. In response to your fair indignation he begins to wag his tail madly that fits to turning cups of tea or coffee upside down and infliction of moderate bodily injury.

Real Bull Terrier eats everything he is given with in horrible amounts. However, he prefers exotic fruit and vegetables and ice-cream most of all. Bully will get your car move forward plainly if bananas or chocolate plombières are promised to him. But indigestion is possible if you leave your Bull Terrier with a dozen of juicy mature pears. The matter that you will lose the chance to taste pears is only a half of the problem. You will have to restore to health “dying”, but self-satisfied Bully.

Terrier Collar

Friendly Smiling Bully

Now let’s talk a little bit about size of your Bull Terrier. Strange as it may seem, he is almost always exactly that you wanted him to be. It means that real Bull Terrier turns out to be exactly that size to put him into your car, a big bag or lay him into your bed, where he will soon come to be undoubtedly. Pity owners of several Bullies should choose smaller “models” (Miniature Bull Terrier, for example) or buy a new bed.

Bull Terrier Muzzle

Muzzled Bull Terrier is Waiting for Her Owner

If you worry whether your Bull Terrier has too sedentary life-style, you can check it with a tennis ball. The essence of the test is following: you take a tennis ball and show it to your Bully. If your Bull Terrier goes up immediately, catches the ball and runs away for the distance equal to football field length at the speed of champion Greyhound, your Bully is still in a great shape, despite of all luxuries and comfort that he adores.

English Bull Terrier Collar

Bull Terrier is a Devoted Pet

Also it is necessary to warn future Bull Terrier owners that real Bully sometimes has “activity attacks” during that he rushes about the house and every room separately at the speed of a small “Ground-to-ground” racket and makes approximately the same damage. During that the most loss is caused by clash of the Bull Terrier’s head with different solid things (walls, for example). After such demolition your neighbours can ask you: “Was there a hurricane in your flat?”

No, it was real Bull Terrier!

Bull Terrier Collar

Powerful Bull Terrier in a Wide Dog Collar

In general, this breed is by no means for everyone. Real Bull Terrier needs an “erratic” owner, strong house and rules that you will make your Bully understand every day. Nevertheless, if you have chosen Real Bull Terrier you will never be sad or bored and you will always have what to do (for example, the next renovation or compensation of damage to your neighbours). Good luck in this uneasy, but great business – up-bringing of Real Bull Terrier!

T. Avramenko,

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