Staffy Dog Collar of Brass or Curogan

Choose Brass or Curogan Collar for Staffy

Chain dog collar for Pitbull and Staffy is an effective tool to correct behavior of a trained pet, which refuses to obey and run your commands for no reason. Chains are also used for dog rings. They help to control Staffy reliably and don't distract attention of the judges from the dog's exterior like a decorative collar can do.

Curogan Dog CollarsHow does the chain acts for behavior correction? It will tighten around the neck of the dog if it misbehaves or pulls on the leash. High-quality chain collars, which are produced by professionals and used properly for Pitbull or Staffy training only, are harmless.

What metal is the best for dog collar? If your pet has sensitive skin, brass and curogan chains are the most suitable. Which one to get?

Curogan is copper and tin alloy. It is nickel free and harmless for dog health and skin being hypoallergic. Curogan is recommended by vets as the safest alloy for Staffy or Pitbull with tender skin. This collar doesn't color Staffy coat and is ideal for white and light-haired dogs. Although some of them may have allergy, but this happens very rare.

High content of copper makes curogan chain rich looking. Your Staffy will have luxurious look with the collar on.

Pitbull Gold Chain CollarBrass dog chain collar is also looks like jewelry due to its gold shine. Brass contains of copper and zinc. It is smooth to the touch, but solid.

It won't provoke discoloration, however some Staffies may have this problem. The collar is perfect for light and white-haired pets.

Brass chains are widely used by professional trainers and dog owners as well as curogan ones.

Both chains are strong and tear-resistant. Their links are large to protect dog hair from damage and are fur savers. Each link is weld and well-polished. There are two O-rings at both ends of the chains. A loose ring tightens the collar and a fixed ring is for lead connection. The collar serves as a usual walking tool if the leash is connected with the fixed ring.

Whichever chain collar you choose, you will get reliable item that will serve your Staffy for long. The collars are suitable for large dogs with weight up to 60 kg.

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