Going for a Dog Show with Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Get Your Stafford Ready for Any Dog Show

Going to make your Staffordshire Bull Terrier a real champion at any dog show? Then, it will be useful for you to know the international scale of points if you want your beloved Stafford to be in the limelight on a ring and to win the main prize of the dog show!

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Beautiful American Staffordshire Bull Terrier



1. Dog`s exterior is atypical for Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed;

2. Full inspection is impossible because of a trauma, injury, infective disease signs or other unspecified reasons whereupon Stafforshire Bull Terrier can't or doesn't want to declare itself in stacking or in motion or the expert can't examine it without prejudice to other participants of a ring (over the schedule expectation or infection threat);

3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a particular exterior fault or a behaviour in disqualifying degree;

4. The dog is presented to a ring in incompatible look with the standard requirements. And the argument of disqualification is insignificant – an aggressive Stafford, that bites the expert in attempt of dog teeth checkup; enuresis or a dejection in a ring the expert can regard as signs of coward aggression and so as a preparation fault – it is really indifferent, whether the dog isn't walked or has been incorrectly feed, or fell ill with black scour, or simply unmanner. It is important that such dogs wouldn`t disturb heuristic process of the ring arrangement of a ring and assignment of a meaningful marks.

The award of meaningful marks is performed heuristically (from "eureka" – I found) and depending on a ring force they can move on one gradation. The same Stafford can receive a lower mark at a more representative dog show because of the presence of brighter Staffordshire Bull Terriers, also because of a bad mood.


Stafford is purebred, draws attention, standing out from the other dogs with its brightness, show confidence and exclusive harmony of aesthetic impression.

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier sparks an emotional reaction for an expert causes in the expert the emotional reaction, expressed with the words: "It would be desirable to see bigger compliance of a breed characteristic performance (it is pointed out which one), or compliance with dog show standards, or bigger compliance with the breed constitution, or better gender identity, or more professional dog show with a victory demand, or better preparation according to standard requirements"; in the presence of the best representatives of Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed in a ring your dog can fall through the cracks because of a simple, inexpressive exterior (even in the absence of defects) or due to inability to declare itself, and thereby to receive even lower mark.


Stafford is within a breed type (typical), but with extremely simple and uninteresting exterior, bitchy or doggy, in the exhausted or fat standard, with a deviation from a breed constitution type; if there are dogs worse in a ring, than it can remain an unnoticed by the expert, in comparison with the best dogs draw attention a look simplicity and insufficient breed.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier is within a breed type (typical), as a set-off to the best representatives of the breed in a ring draws attention the broken exterior harmony and the expressed defects (except form disqualifying ones).

Our useful tips about Staffordshire Bull Terrier Training will help you to teach your vigorous dog to be obedient and well mannered, that is by no means unimportant aspect for getting an excellent mark at the dog show. Another one no less important compound for taking the lead is choosing the best Staffordshire Bull Terrier show leads and show choke chains for dogs. See also our great collection of exclusive pet supplies that will make your pet a real super star in a ring!

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