Staffy's Body Language - Mouth

How to Read Your Staffy's Body Language - Part 2. Mouth

Dogs do more things with their mouth beside eating and drinking. Though they can’t speak, they communicate with their lips, teeth and tongue. Particular gestures of these parts of a dog’s body can say a lot to other dogs and to you, of course.

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Lip-reading will Help You to Understand Your Dog

When your Staffordshire feels relaxed and satisfied its mouth is shut or a bit open. A frightened or obedient dog keeps its mouth shut or a little open – the corners of its lips are a bit stretched. Your Staffy can put out and put in its tongue to communicate with you or other animals.

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Staffy Uses Its Tongue to Communicate

Dogs show “obedient smile” when they want to show their submissive position. They stretch their lips to show front teeth: incisors and fangs. Such a signal is almost always followed by an obedient body pose, for example, lowered head, whimpering, screwing up eyes. People often think such behaviour is aggressive, but a dog just tries to show you that it is not interested in a conflict.

If your Stafford has aggressive intentions, it shows its front teeth, and wrinkles appear on its face
. Dogs behave like that when they don’t want you or other animals to come to them. For such dogs a strong muzzle is a must!

When a dog stretches its lips horizontally and you see its front and back teeth (tricuspid and bicuspid teeth), it means that a dog is frightened. When a dog is going to bite, its lips are pulled up and back, its mouth opens and its teeth are shown.

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