Amstaff Keeping for Beginners

Breeding of Self-willed Amstaff

Choosing American Staffordshire Terrier you get one of the best guard dogs. Amstaffs have an inborn feel for dangerous situations emerging and developed inherent guard instinct. If puppy breeding goes properly Amstaff becomes the best watch dog and body-guard.

 Thin Dog

 Thin Leather Amstaff Collar for Walking Your Puppy

 But starting to train American Staffy you shouldn't pay attention only at performing basic commands, the dog must be adapted to surrounding and be taught to react right in different situations. If you have decided that you need exactly Amstaff, it would be better to separate a place at home for it, because these dogs can't be kept in open crates in the yard. After a while you won't even notice that Amstaff is gladly to lie on the couch with you, but you must firstly explain that it can do this after your invitation. American Staffy training begins with such elementary commands.

Agitation Dog Harness

Padded Dog Harness for American Staffy Training and Walking

You should show at once, who plays the main role. It must understand who is the owner, it means leader, and that he gets all best places.  Little puppy must be taught to the toilet. You will have to take out your pet to the allotted to the toilet place almost every two hours. After your Amstaff does its deed, you should praise it. It will understand it does right in this case. But if it happens that the dog eases itself at the wrong place, you shouldn't immediately punish it. It may happen and in this case you should calmly explain your puppy that it does wrong and show the toilet place to it.

Amstaff Muzzle

Keep Your Amstaff off Picking Things up with Leather Dog Muzzle

The best training age for Amstaff is a period between 2 and 6 months. But it will never do to force your dog, because it can acerbate it. That's why, teaching it basic commands, do it calmly and in the way to be enjoyed by your dog.

Choose only high quality and durable dog muzzles, dog collars and dog harnesses to train your beloved Amstaff!