Meeting Between Dogs During Walking

How Do the Dogs Perceive Each Other When Meet?

Meetings of free walking dogs pass quetly most of all, as in this case the dogs behave in a matter-of-course way performing all the string of polite movements gradually. Friendly dogs stay together at this and those, who dislike each other go their separate ways at a rather long distance not to generate adversarial atmosphere.

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You can see such dog communities even within the city limits, somewhere on ther riversides, in the woods or in the field, where the dogs are used to walk free and doesn`t feel strong influence of the dog owners during meetings.

Quite a different situation can happen during meetings in a city park, where the dogs are on the dog leashes and are under the strong influence of their owners. Too short dog lead (less than 3 meters) doesn`t provide enough space to keep up all the necessary ceremonies. Dog muzzles, halti, pinch dog collars and choke collars also interfere communication and lead to aggression as often because they have a pull on physical and mental state as of Staffy itself so as of the dog on its way.

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By the way, all these dog outfits interfere communication between the dogs. Perfumed dogs and dogs, which are painted in unnatural colours and the dogs with docked tails and ears can also set off a negative reaction of their tribesmen because body odours, wagging and look of the dog take also an active part in communication.

We don`t think about this as usual because we perceive our habits and whims in dog grooming as a special expression of our love. The dogs perceive this as someting unnatural and bothering. Arrange the schedule of dog walking so that they would become something usual and obvious for the dog. Then the walkings will stop worry the dog and you will be able to train it the decencies.

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