Prong Collar for Pitbull or a Choker?

Pinch or Choke Collar for Pitbull to Choose?

What is the best dog collar for a Pitbull obedience training? If the dog is disobedient, aggressive or pulls on the lead, prong or choke collar will help to correct its behavior. Which model is more suitable for your Pitbull?

Best Choke Collar for PitbullChoke collar is useful for teaching Pitbull the "Heel" command, training the dog to obey and leash manners. It is also effective when Pitbull attacks or jumps animals and people during outings.

How do choke collars work? A collar is a loop with 2 rings at the ends. It is put on over Pitbull's head. One ring is loose to slide and tighten the choker around the pet's neck when it disobeys. The other ring is fixed and it serves for lead connection. The collar is tightened only if Pitbull pulls on the leash or you jerk it and it is loosen when the pet steps backwards.

There are chokers of one, double thick or round leather and metal alloys (chains). Chain collars with small links are for medium breeds and with long links (fur savers) - for large and powerful dogs.

Prong collar for Pitbull is for strict training and behavioral correction.

How does prong collar work? There are prongs on the inner side of the collar to press on the neck of the dog. They aren't sharp and act like the mother-dog teeth. Thus the action of a prong collar is built upon natural instincts and the collar is safe for Pitbull when used properly. Prongs are highly-polished to prevent injuries. They don't put pressure on the dog's neck when the collar is not tightened.

Best Prong Collar for PitbullsThere are pinch collars with short, long prongs and neck tech collars. The larger your Pitbull is, the longer prongs you need to get.

Prong collar proper use:

  • Don't leave Pitbull alone with the prong collar on.
  • Choose the right size of the prong collar to make Pitbull training safe and effective.
  • Never try to put the prong collar on over Pitbull's head because you may traumatize the dog's eyes.
  • Wear the collar behind Pitbull's ears and under the jaw line.
  • The collar is used for Pitbull training only and not for daily walks.
  • Don't leave the dog tightened on the leash with the collar on.

Prong and choke collars are not for Pitbull puppies. They can traumatize neck and trachea. Remember that both models are effective and not violent if to use them properly. They are harmless if made by qualified manufacturers. Consult a trainer before getting choker or pinch collar and use them on the advice of a professional and if required under his supervision.

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