What Does the Dog Need a Collar for?

If you decided to buy a pit bull, the first accessory you need to acquire is a pit bull collar and a matching leash. A set of a collar and a leash are irreplaceable during trainings with your pit bull or staffy. Don't  grudge money and time while choosing these very important accessories. Then both you and your pit bull will enjoy training and walking. If you pick a wrong collar, it may turn into a great obstacle for the right training, as it causes discomfort or even pain. If a dog collar turned into a stumbling stone to you, read this article!

Every Dog Needs a Collar

Never buy the next best collar for your pit bull, without regard to its individual features: size, character, age etc. For some dogs, choke collars are good, for another - fixation collars.

All well-trained dogs feel happy with buckle collars, but pay attention, it shouldn't squeeze the dog's neck too much. This kind of collar must have an ID tag with all necessary information about the dog.

A choke collar is also called correcting collar. A choking effect is achieved when the dog owner pulls the leash, or when the dog, e.g. pit bull tries to run away. Every dog owner must be aware: whatever dog you own, this kind of collar affects the dog's spinal cord negatively. As a result, the dog may get aggressive. Put the collar off, when your pit bull or staffy doesn't need it. The dog must have some rest from it. There are many cases, when dogs got choked with their collars, when the owners were not watching after them and hadn't taken off the collar in time.

If you own an aggressive or just a very energetic pit bull, it will be happy with a  canine headcollar. You can easily manipulate the dog's actions with the help of this tool. The collar controls the pit bull's head, and its body follows the head involuntary. First the dogs behave a little irritated, but then they get used to the headcollar and get more obedient.

If your pit bull or staffy has any throat issues, all collars listed above won't do. These dogs need a harness. Generally there are two kinds of harnesses: special and regular dog harness. The first type of harnesses also can be deviled into two sub-types: harnesses the dogs can slip out of and harnesses fitting toughly. If you use harnesses, inspect your pit bull on a regular basis. These accessories can rub into dog's skin causing wounds. If this has happened to your pit bull, better don't use the harness any more for your dog's health sake.