Martingale or Choke Collar for Adult Pitbull?

Full Choke or Half Choke Collar?

Did your well trained Pitbull or Staffy start pulling and jerking a leash, attacking people and animals, become aggressive and disobedient? If your dog has any of these behavioral issues, they are corrected with the help of martingale or choke collars. Which one is more suitable for Staffy or Pitbull?

Choke Collars for PitbullsPitbull choke collar is a loop, which is tightened around the neck when the dog disobeys. The collar is put on over the head and the choking effect is achieved due a sliding ring that tightens the choker if Pitbull pulls or jerks the lead. A fixed ring is for the leash connection with the collar.

The full choke dog collar does not act when Pitbull walks calm. You can use the choker as a usual collar for walking. Just attach the leash to the loose ring.

Choke collar for Pitbull provides excitement suppression in a mild manner and the dog concentration on your commands. The item does not hurt the dog at proper use. The collar imitates natural upbringing of a mother dog.

Follow the next rules and the choker will be safe for your Pitbull:

Best Choke Collar for Pitbulls

  • It is forbidden to train Pitbull puppy under 6 months with the choke collar to avoid neck and trachea traumatizing.
  • Choker is pulled over the dog's head. Its size should be larger Pitbull's head circumference in the widest part below ears and a jaw line. Optimal length of the collar is the dog's head girth plus 2-3 inches.
  • Suitable choke collar is harmless for Pitbull.
  • Choker is not the collar for daily walks.
  • You must not jerk the choker during training.
  • Do not leave Pitbull alone with the collar on.

Leather choke collar for Pitbull is one of the best models due to its safety and quiet action. Natural leather is hypoallergenic and perfect for Staffy and Pitbull with sensitive skin. Leather does not cause discomfort because it keeps constant temperature in all weather and seasons.

Pitbull Choke Collar UKLeather choker is flexible and soft, strong and durable. It will serve your Pitbull as long as possible if to oil the collar with leather balsam.

Martingale (half choke) collar is the loop as well, but there is a chain stopper. The collar will tighten around Pitbull's neck to a set point only. This is the difference between semi-choke and full choke collars.

The advantages of Pitbull martingale collar:

  • slipping off the dog's neck through the head is excluded;
  • perfect for grown-up dogs, which pull on the lead.

Martingale Collar for PitbullThe collar is fitted with three rings. Two connect chain with leather part and tighten the collar and the third ring serves for the leash fastening. The chain and the rings are weld and high-tensile.

Leather strap is tear-resistant and nice to the feel. There is a belt buckle to adjust the collar size. Martingale collar for Pitbull and Staffy corrects behavior in a gentle way.

Please, consult a trainer before getting any of the collars and use them on the advice of a professional and under his supervision if required. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.