Dog Lead Adjusting for Staffy Walking

How to adjust a dog lead for your Staffy?

How does a dog feel when you put it on a leash? Seems to be an odd question. But dog feelings while lead adjusting affect how easy will it be to adjust it the next time. In the order to make it easy and without complications and not to make a dog avoiding it, it is important to take into account its signs of reconciliation. Stay by the side, be calm and relaxed. Adjust a dog lead with a light movement without touching a dog. If you will push on dog's neck, tow to you and cry at your dog it will avoid lead adjusting.

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Here is an example how we should not adjust a dog lead. In this case this procedure frightens a dog. A dog handler bends above the dog and makes many clumsy moves around dog's neck. A dog is frightened and shows it by reconciliation signs. Such attitude leads to the situation where a dog is frightened to be taken on a lead.