Base of the Dog Training

Foundations of Animal Psychology in Your Staffy or Pitbull Training

Staffies that Need Attention

Dogs often try to get the human’s attention and sympathy. Animals endowed with superior intellect and initiative quickly understand how they can get it, but sometimes in their endeavours they may overdo it.

Many Staffordshire Bull Terriers draw our attention and love through loud and persistent barking, others through jumping and scrambling with paws, biting the collar, stealing various things, showing stereotyped behaviour such as chasing their tail or behaving aggressively.

In general, the behaviour of animals, which is a ploy to attract attention of the owner, is one of the most frequent reasons for seeing an animal psychologist. The behaviour of your Staffy must be "untrained" (spontaneous). The dog develops a particular behaviour (including undesirable), and it happens only on conditions that such behaviour will be approved by the owner and is imprinted in the mind of the animal.

You’d better know how to recognize those Staffy tricks that you praise yourself, often don’t even know it. For example, your Pitbull may bark every time you talk on the phone. You often simply ignore such behaviour, perhaps only occasionally shout at your pet, but this only promotes and intensifies its barking. Your Bully continues to do so, until its goal is reached - call is ended. If you understand the principles of dog's behaviour, you can improve it much easier.

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Base of the Dog Training

Every Staffordshire Bull Terrier should know and obey basic commands - "Sit", "Down", "Stand" and "Stop".

It's important to train your Staffy regularly and to have the trend toward development of new commands. In cases when your pet wants to get from you desired things - caress, attention, food or toys, firstly give it a command "Sit", and only after the command is done, give your Pitbull what it wants. It will help your pet to learn to control its emotions in human's presence.

Control Over Your Staffy with the Help of the Collar

Dogs, who like to jump, run and play, who do not respond to the owner’s calls, need to be kept on the collar whenever such behaviour can be foreseen or predicted. It is much better than keeping the dog after that undesirable behaviour has already begun.

For example, if your Staffordshire Bull Terrier likes to jump at your guests, take it by the collar before you open the door. In this case you can control dog’s behaviour if it is needed.

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Encourage Your Pitbull

Dogs that require too much attention, often just do not have enough physical and emotional stimulation. You should pay attention to such pets with small parts, but at the same time as often as possible during the day.

In addition, your Pitbull or Staffy should be trained to the specific ignoring signals (for example, you turn back to your dog, do not look it in the eyes, do not touch it, do not talk, etc.). This is the owner who starts and ends every contact with the pet.

Reward the Dog!

Dog training goes much faster if the "good" behaviour is encouraged with some rewards, and "bad" is ignored. If you can’t solve your Staffy’s behaviour problem on your own, consult a veterinarian or an animal psychologist, especially in cases when your dog shows aggression.

With understanding, patience and love you will quickly train your dog proper behaviour and reduce its dependence on you.

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