Dog Walking in Winter

How to Walk Your Dog Safely in Winter?

One of the main troubles for the dog in winter is overcooling. Processes of thermoregulation of your Staffy, Bull Terrier or Pitbull don't manage to adapt sufficiently to temperature difference, especially, if this gap is wide. This is particularly so with puppies. They become shivering, may yelp, tuck its paws under and are nervous under the influence of low temperatures.

Pitbull Clothes UKThe dog may have various diseases as cold consequences.

They are arthritis, otitis, pneumonia, cystitis and nephritis.

Assume appropriate measures to avoid these worries. Put on your Staffy warm dog clothes. Make walks in frosty weather more active to avoid dog overcooling.

Roof cleaning of snow and ice, slippery paths, icicles, snow, snowdrifts, which mask different sharp objects - here is also the variety of dangers trapping the dog in winter.

Pitbull Clothes UKAvoid dangerous places and don't allow your Staffy to be active on slippery surfaces. Thus you will protect the dog against injuries.

Examine paws of the dog when you came back home. Process the dog's paws with disinfectant and apply bandage if necessary. Visit a vet in case of severe injuries.

Besides, contact with antifreeze reagents on the pavements can affect negatively on your Staffy health. Chemical components of these substances cause irritation of paws that finally can lead to cracks, long inflammation and restriction of physical activity. Wash your dog's carefully with warm water after each walk to minimize negative influence of reagents. It is better to get dog shoes for winter walks if your Staffy has sensitive paws.

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