Mutt or Purebred Dog?

13 Delusions about Purebred Dogs and Mutts

1. People adopt a mutt not because they are lack of money to buy a “normal purebred dog”, but because we like mongrels for their exclusiveness. Also a desire to help an animal in need is quite natural. In addition, costs for their treatment, rehabilitation with a dog trainer after rescue centre and street exceed a price of any purebred puppy, so it is rather impossible to save money. 

Pitbull and Family

Dogs are Our Friends, not Things

Mutt dogs don’t differ excellent immunity, can rarely “digest tacks”, and require good nutrition, vaccination, care, and training as well as purebred dogs. Mutts are not the smartest inherently, they are very different. But they are neither worse, not better purebred dogs, but they are not less beloved.
2. Purebred dogs are adopted to show off or because of deep pockets. People adopt dogs of specific breed because they want to see perpetuated conformation and working qualities. Not a single pedigree can totally guarantee intelligence, health and talent of the dog, they are all unique. Even the most talented puppy from good parents need to be trained a lot.

Pitbul Looks Gorgeous

Talent + Hard Work = Great Results

3. Show-prospect is a myth in general. Show-dogs are 30% of good genes and 70% of owner’s, dog trainer’s and handler’s work. Even the most wonderful dog can be turned into a dull nasty cur, if you don’t train and walk it enough.
4. Further health problems can’t be always predicted in puppyhood and all problems with your puppy don’t always emerge because of the breeder. Bad care and feeding can overbalance even gold genetics!
5. If you buy a dog at the pet market or online at the third part of the average price on this breed, don’t talk then about degeneration of the breed and swindler-breeders.

Bullterrier in Collar

Every Dog Needs Active Walks

6. Mini-breeds are usual dogs, but not accessories in a purse, they must walk and do their stuff outside. Only small puppies and cats do number one on a draw-sheet. They also can eat raw meat, crunch cartilage, do sport and go for long walks. They need to be trained in spite of growing a nasty thing barking out everybody around. In addition, don’t hand them at every trifle.
7. Dog fighting breed doesn’t exist. There are only low-grade media that tend to foment scandals and mean people that don’t know anything about their breed and don’t want to train their dogs.

Pitbull in Girls' Company

Dog Is Not a Fashionable Accessory

8. Working dogs breeding is not a trend, it is a hard work with high-active dogs that requires knowledge and time.
9. Jack Rassel Terriers and Beagles are not cute charmers, but hunting breeds that demand nice active walking.
10. Husky is not the easiest breed to train. You need to understand it, but not to buy for wonderful eyes only.
11. Pitbulls and Staffords are gorgeous breeds in experienced hands. Don’t adopt them only because it is trendy. Study the breed.

Bullterrier in Girls' Company

Listen to Your Heart Choosing a Dog

12. Birthing doesn’t make anybody healthier, even women.
13. And in addition, an over-active mutt is not a dull and misbehaving pet, it is simply special and loves adventures.
Choose a breed wisely, but listening to your heart.
Don’t compare your dog to others, appreciate its pros! Don’t treat it like a thing, a dog is a friend. We love friends not for something, but despite of anything, don’t we? 

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