How to Accustom Your Dog to Stay at Home Alone

It is quite a challenge for many dog owners: how can your accustom your Pit Bull or Staffy to stay home alone. Let's try to make it clear and learn some useful tips. First of all, you will probably need a holiday to start this process. A week end will also do. Anyway, you have to spend some time with your doggy to let it get used to a new place.

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Accustoming Dog to Stay at Home is Challange

Your task is to promote the independence of your puppy, so it won't irritate the neighbours with constant barking and won't make you a "surprise" in form of a ragged door or bit shoes. For the start, when you see that the pup is no longer scared by the new surroundings, you can begin with the training. Feed your Pit Bull or Staffy, make sure, it visits the toilet and only after that, when you see the pup is tired and sleepy, you can leave it alone.

When you leave, tell your puppy something like "home" or "wait" and don't fail to leave a toy next to the door. Do not hide behind the door, the pup will now you're there, it can smell and hear perfectly. If you see your puppy get nervous when you are leaving, don't hurry back home. The little pit bull can grasp, this is the way to make you stay or come back. You better wait until the dog gets to some other business. Only after that you can come back and praise your Pit Bull or Staffy.

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Use Your Dog's Beloved Toys

Next time you will be leaving, try to distract you Pit Bull or Staffy somehow: by hanging a ball with a wire on the door handle or leaving a bone at the door. As soon as the puppy is distracted, you can return and praise it.

We recommend to increase the time of absence gradually, don't leave your pet alone for the whole day, make sure, your pit bull has no chance to vandalize: take away your shoes, block the rubbish-bin etc.

And some more tips. After returning home, hide the most beloved toy of your Pit Bull or Staffy, and give it to your dog when you leave. Do not stint for new toys, you must have several toy sets. Every time you leave home, give your Pit Bull or Staffy a new toy. Hollow toys with something tasty inside are very attractive. Your pit bull pal will have to spend lot of time trying to get to the delicacy. 

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Watch What Toys Are Your Dog's Favourite

Though if all these recommendations don't help, you can try some training tricks. Now there are two systems for this purpose: spray systems and electricity systems. Spray systems react on undesired behaviour of the dog by spraying liquid gas from a spray can. You shouldn't be scared of electricity systems: for the dog, it feels like a finger push, it is absolutely not painful. The dog just feels being watched. Sure, this is true for high quality systems.

Remember you shouldn't adopt a very little Pitbull pupp
, you will have to feed it 4 - 5 times a day and won't be able to leave it all alone for the whole day.

Explore your Pit Bull's character, take it into account while educating it, express patience, address specialists, get qualified help, then your pet will be your loyal friend for a long time.

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