Other Signals of Doggy Language in Daily Life

Other Calming Signals of Doggy Language

At the previous articles we have described the most common calming signals our dogs use in daily life.
But there are also other signals. For example, when dogs imitate puppy behavior, trying to calm other dogs down.
They try to seem more tiny, lick their snout or face of the owner, make "soft look" squinting eyes or pick up a paw. 
Walking amstaff harness
1) I saw an aggressive Rottweiler right in front of me. He was growling. When I tried to turn my head out of him, his growling tone became lower. 
A dog was unsutisfied that I came and disturbed its loneliness and he was about to attack me. I had nothing to do but stay fading with my eyes squinted.
After some time the growling stopped and the Rottweiler waived its tail. Soon we made friends.
2) A little frightened Basenji was growling at a large German Shepherd. The Shepherd stood calm rising its paw time after time, licking its nose and squinting eyes.
These signals appeared to be enough to calm down the frightened Basenji.

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