Amstaff Training

Useful Tips About Basic Amstaff Training

Dog training is a development of special dog skills for dog behavior control. Herein the owner excites the dog with the signals (commands and movements) to take (or not to take) certain actions: to sit, lay down, fetch, guard a thing, return to a place etc.

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It is better to begin to train your Amstaff when the puppy reached the age of 4 months. It is the most susceptible to teaching at this time and tries to pleasure its owner. If Amstaff owner does not start the dog training before it reaches one year, he will have a lot of sorrows in future because Amstaff will become absolutely uncontrolled by that time and it will be very hard to get rid of the acquired bad habits.

Amstaff training can be basic and specific for dog fighting qualities development. And if you choose the second type of dog training than your Amstaff should be trained by professional dog trainer and we won`t mention about it in our article.

Basic Amstaff Training

Basic Amstaff training is a background for Amstaff further training for service work. The majority of the dog skills, that were developed during basic Amstaff training are the background for learning the skills of specific Amstaff training.

A course of basic Amstaff training is intended to master the dog to the dog trainer. It is the initial stage, which is necessary for the further Amstaff training for different types of service work.

Your Amstaff needs kind and sensitive attitude from all the family members. But the strongest emotional and psychological bond is between the dog and its owner. It depends on the attitude of dog owner how comfortable Amstaff will feel itself at home.

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How to Accustom Amstaff to Its Nickname

When you accustom your Amstaff to its nickname, you should repeat it several times in a kind tone standing 3-4 steps away from your dog. Then you can come closer and give the dog some food repeating its nickname. When Amstaff will respont to its nickname, it should be encouraged with a stroking and exclamation "Good! ".

How to Accustom Amstaff to a Collar and a Muzzle

When you try to accustom your Amstaff to the dog collar, you should call it by its nickname, come up to it, allow your dog to sniff at the collar and then to put on your Amstaff the dog collar. You should take off the collar in 5 min. later, encourage your Amstaff with a stroking or a delicacy and put the collar on the dog again. If Amstaff worries, take its mind off the collar with a walk, jog, game and then repeat the procedure. It is recommended to accustom Amstaff to a lead during a walk.

When your accustom Amstaff to the dog muzzle you should allow the dog to sniff at it and then to put on and to fasten the muzzle. You should take off the muzzle 3-4 min. later, encourage the dog and to repeat the procedure. If Amstaff worries, take its mind off the collar with a game, jog.

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Command "Heel!"

The command "Heel" is considered one of the most difficult commands. Well trained Amstaff has to walk on the lead next to the left foot of the owner not forcing the pace and not running aside, not distracting on dogs or people passing by. Amstaff will train to walk next to the owner without the dog lead with time.

If you want to train your Amstaff this command you need the dog leash, choke collar and a strong do harness. When you have all these dog outfits you can go outside with Amstaff and begin walking. Watch the dog to walk calm nearby. It is necessary to handle Amstaff on the short dog lead so that the knee of the owner to touch the dog scapula. Thus you should put the loop of the dog lead on a wrist of the right hand and to hold the lead from the dog collar in 20 cm by the left hand.

Catch Amstaff interest with the command "Heel! " or call it by the nickname. You should repeat the command while moving forward and to encourage your Amstaff with a stroking or exclamation "Good! " when it will take the exact position near the dog trainer. If Amstaff tries to run forward or to lag behind not understanding what you want from it, you should correct its movements with pulling and to repeat the command "Heel! " at the same time.

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