Barking Dog Behind the Fence

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Walking and Barking Dogs on Your Way

It frequently may happen to meet a barking dog behind the fence when you are walking your dog. How to manage this situation? It is much easier to undergo it, if the handler keeps calm. There is no danger for your dog any way. The strange dog is behind the fence. At once noticing a barking dog behind the fence, stay by the side of fence and sooth your dog. Do not pull on a lead, shout or punish your dog. Everything should be calm and relaxed. May be you will need to sooth your dog with some words or other common way for you. It is important to make your dog manage this situation in a calm way the next time it happens. Then you will get the possibility to make your dog to meet other dogs, barking or aggressive dogs, in a more calm way.

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