Pitbull Collar Herm Sprenger or Alternative?

Herm Sprenger or Fordogtrainers Pitbull Collar

Metal Pitbull collars are very efficient tools to correct behavior, to train dogs to obey and to take part in rings and shows. High-quality metal collars, which are produced by professionals and used properly, are harmless. Which producers of metal collars are the best?

Meta Pitbull CollarForDogTrainers and Sprenger are considered to be the finest ones among professional dog trainers. These manufacturers make safe and health-friendly, high-tensile and long-wearing collars. Sterling reputation of these brands make them well-liked and widely used by professionals and ordinary owners around the world.

ForDogTrainers is the company with decades of experience in dog equipment producing. They follow advice of experts and are up to quality standards. Dog comfort and safety are the main aspects in collars producing. They make the collars of the highest quality, which are strong, hurtless and effective in use.

Herm Sprenger is a well-known producer from Germany, which takes care of every collar that is passed through quality control after every stage of production. You will get a premium-quality collar from Herm Sprenger, which will serve your Pitbull for long.

Please note that original collars from ForDogTrainers have engravings on rings, buckles and other surfaces. HS collars have also red quality tags along with engravings. Both brands use only non-toxic materials. Let's get to know better about them.

Stainless steel collars are sturdy, practical and weatherproof. They won't rust under the influence of wet and water.

Metal Pitbull CollarsChrome-plated steel collars are also hardwearing and solid.

Black stainless steel collars have unusual look and additional durability due to black oxide coating. These collars are not for Pitbulls with white or fair coat because they can color it.

Collars of brass are the most popular for rings. The alloy of copper and zinc adds rich look to such collars and accentuates beauty of the dog. Brass collars have large links to be strong and to protect dog's coat from damage.

Curogan collars are intended for Pitbulls with sensitive or allergic skin. The alloy of copper and tin contains no nickel and is hypoallergic. Curogan and brass collars are not so strong as the collars of the other metals, but they are the safest for dog health and hair.

Whichever producer you choose, you will get a reliable collar that will serve your Pitbull for long.

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