Staffy's Body Language - Eyes

How to Read Your Staffy's Body Language

Wolves' complicated non-verbal communication system was developing during the ages. Our pets inherited this system and expressively use special movements, gestures and voice (barking, whining, yawl) to communicate with each other. This language is understood by any dog. Your Staffy also uses this language to communicate with you and members of your "pack". Fortunately, we can learn what our four-legged friends try to tell us.

Staffy's Body Language

Learn to Read Your Dog's Body Signals

If you can correctly interpret how your Stafford feels watching its posture, movements and listening these signals, you will be able to guess its actions, to understand your dog and properly react to an emerged situation on a walk, at home or during a training session.

Knowledge in this series of articles will allow you to get more information from your Staffy's behavior. We will resolve into components dog's body language. But be advised, you should consider your Staff's entire body gestures together, not apart, to understand its intentions.

Your Staffy's Eyes

Staffy's Body Language

Your Pet's Eyes Can Tell You a Lot

Dogs like humans can express their emotions with eyes, changing their shape, size, direction and intensity of their look. When your Staffordshire is calm, its eyes of round shape will be in a usual state. When its eyes are bigger than usual, this means the dog feels danger. Your Staffy can feel worried or frightened. It may be a sign of aggression.

When dog's eyes seem smaller than usual it may be a signal of stress or a nervous state. Dogs that suffer from pain or feel bad look a kind of sideways. The last may also mean submission.
Direction of your Staffy's look tells a lot. Canines rarely look into the eyes of each other as it is considered to be threatening behavior. But if your Staffy looks at you with calm expression, it means friendly attitude towards you, and it expects you to notice it.

Staffy's Body Language

Direct Look at You Can Be as Friendly, as Threatening

But if a dog looks at you with tensed, a kind of frozen facial expression, it is another story. Direct look may be threatening, as closer you are to the animal. In this case you should slowly take your eyes aside and down. Dogs act like this when do not want to start a conflict with their own kind.

If your Stafford takes its eyes aside when you look at it, it shows obedience. This also may mean that it is worried about interaction between you, for example, after applying punishment or strong irritant during training. This means that you shouldn't be too strict and reduce the strength of irritant. You should be able to take a detached view at your actions to become a successful dog trainer.

Staffy's Body Language

If You Are Too Strict You Will See It in Your Dog's Eyes

If your pet reverts its eyes from strangers and behaves unconfidently with them, it means that it had unpleasant experience of contact with people in the past and it feels hard now. Any dog can get used to people, if the owner takes pains.

If your Staffy doesn't look directly into your eyes, but follows you and you see the most of the whites of its eyes, it may be a flash of aggression sign. A dog shows such behavior when it crunches a bone, a toy or protects its place. Such behavior differs from that when your Staff rests on its place and opens its eyes slightly to follow you with eyes. In this case it won't look tensed.

Staffy's Body Language

Dog Can Follow You with Eyes in Different Cases

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