Harness for Bikejoring

How to Choose the Best Bikejoring Harness?

Bikejoring is an excellent kind of sport for your active Staffy and you. A bikejoring harness is the very equipment for the dog to provide it with comfort and safety because a collar can hurt neck and traumatize the animal if it pulls on the leash or stops suddenly.

What harness for bikejoring is the best? There are two the most suitable harnesses for this activity. You are welcome to learn their advantages.

Harness for BikejoringThe first model of bikejoring harness is of real leather. This material is rated one of the very finest because of its durability, wear and tear resistance, harmlessness and coziness for dogs. Leather quality of this harness is the highest. It is selected and processed manually. Leather is thick, but well treated to make it soft and pleasant to wear.

Neck straps of the harness are of two leather layers for maximum strength of the harness. There are no rough edges or stitches to prevent rubbing, skin irritations and coat damage. The harness consists of leather straps. It follows dog body to avoid movements' restriction and to be light-weighted. Every strap is regulated with buckle. Thus you can always fit the harness according to your Staffy sizes.

Careful stitching and riveting guarantee durability of the harness. Brass fittings are welded. They won't become rusty with time. Their gold-like shine adds dressy look to the harness.

You will put this harness on your Staffy with ease using a quick-detachable buckle. Welded D-ring helps to connect the harness with the lead. It is sewed to the back plate, which is felt-lined to be soft.

The harness is also used for tracking, jogging, training and walking. Your Staffy and you will enjoy this harness!

Bikejoring Harness UKThe second model of the harness for bikejoring is of nylon. This is also the best suited fabric to make hard-wearing, stretch and tear proof harness that will resist heavy loads. Nylon harness is used in any weather conditions because it is resistant to wet and water and is easy to clean.

The harness is comfy and light-weighted. It doesn't hinder dog's movements. Staffy won't feel uncomfortable with the harness on even all the day.

Straps are wide and extra firm. They won't rub or cut into the dog's skin. The size of the harness is easy to regulate. There is a removable under belly strap, which is used for pulling. You can detach it by means of quick-release plastic buckle. The same buckle helps to put the harness on Staffy without effort.

The harness is neatly sewed. Seams are straight and even. All the details are securely stitched and won't fall off. There are 4 welded rings of nickel-plated steel on this harness. Side D-rings serve for muscles development. Front D-ring helps to stop Staffy pulling on the leash. Floating O-ring on the handle is for leash connection. The handle is for additional control over the dog. It is reliable and convenient to hold.

You can identify your dog's activity with sign patches, which are fastened on Velcro on each side. The harness is also intended for various kinds of sport, police, K9, service work and everyday walking. You will appreciate functionality of this gear!

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