How to Brush a Pitbull's Teeth? (Part 2)

When to Train Pitbull to Teeth Brushing?

If to train the dog to the procedure from the puppyhood, you will have no problems with it in future. You may face difficulties if to start Pitbull teeth brushing when it is adult.

The puppy is trained to teeth brushing at the age of 2 months. Further the dog will get used and will cease to be negative.

Pitbull Teeth Brushing

It is also not difficult to train the adult pet to teeth cleaning. Get all the necessary tools in pet shop. It is allowed to choose paste with flavor. It is safe for dog's health.

Train your Pitbull to teeth brushing step by step. Use dog treats as motivation before or after cleaning. Praise the dog even if it was calm and quiet during the procedure.

How to Choose Dog Toothpaste?

It is an important point to choose a suitable paste for your Pitbull. Dog toothpastes are far cry from human ones. Don't use your own paste for Pitbull teeth cleaning. Dog breeders don't recommend mint toothpastes. Strong mint flavor will adversely impact on a keen nose of the dog. It is undesirable to use toothpaste with fluorine.

It is advisable to choose a dentifrice, which removes dental tartar effectively. You may buy toothpaste with bacon or chicken flavor. Producers confirm that they contain safe components, which aren't harmful for dog if to swallow them. Rinse Pitbull's mouth if you have doubts.

Brushing Pitbull TeethProfessionals recommend chamomile infusion using for dog mouth rinsing after teeth cleaning. Some Pitbull owners use syringe without a needle for this.

Sound Dog Teeth - Good Health

The dog with painful teeth feels similar unpleasant moments as you even if dogs are taken ill less often than people. Some dog owners believe that dental bones and toys are enough for teeth cleaning. It is required to brush Pitbull teeth because various dental hygiene products act only for prevention.

Visit a vet and brush dog teeth regularly to avoid dental illnesses. Don't pass this task on remedies. Brush Pitbull teeth once at week at least if you have lack of time.

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