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Clothes for Dog Trainers

If you need clothes for Pitbull or Staffy training and sport, we offer:

  • Specialized dog training clothes for trainers, decoys and handlers. Our company produces professional dog trainer clothing for everyday work, different kinds of training and trials. Well-thought-out design, comfort, convenience, functionality and practicality are outstanding features of our clothing. All clothes for dog trainers are certified.
  • There are clothes for IGP, Ring Sport, WUSV and other championships. We have training suits, bite suits, scratch suits, vests, jackets, pants, jumpsuits, head protectors and women clothes. Some clothing is custom-made. You can order an embroidery of your club logo on a suit.
  • We have EMS-Express shipping (3-6 business days) or Registered shipping (6-12 business days) and deliver our clothes the world over. You can make your own choice or сontact us and our specialists will help you to make a decision over a choice. Return or exchange of the products are available.
  • There are special discounts and proposals for loyal, wholesale customers and resellers. We propose campaign prices for group orders and sponsor international trials. Our company is open for partnership.

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Dog trainer clothing is indispensible gear for daily training and championships. It protects a trainer and a helper against hard bites, scratches and other injuries. Clothes for dog trainers provide comfort and convenience. They make dog training efficient and facilitate performances at trials.

We offer clothes for dog trainers with different levels of bite protection. The heavier a suit is the higher protection it provides. You have to consider dog bites hardness, flexibility level and working conditions when choose dog training clothes.

Heavy-weighted suits are for everyday bite work. They are used for K9, police and military dogs training to attack and protect. Such a suit restricts mobility because it serves for bite protection and dog grip building. Head and hand protectors serve for full body safety.

Clothes for Dog Trainers

Our semi-trial suits are flexible enough and safe at the same time. They are not so heavy and allow good maneuverability.

Clothes for trials are light-weighted and have low bite protection. You will move free and quickly and be protected against scratches with a trial suit on at contests.

Use hidden protection when you need to make working conditions close to real. Hidden protection will break a dog’s stereotype that only certain people are dangerous.

Our women clothes for dog trainers, such as dog training treat skirt, are practical and usable. The skirt is perfect for long exercising and to get the dogs ready for trials. There are pockets for training tools, toys and treats and a ring for a lead fastening. The skirt is dirt, scratch and water-proof. It is of all-weather use.

Clothes for Dog Trainers

You will feel comfortable and safe with our clothes on. Functionality and design of the clothing will be highly appreciated as well. All the clothes are certified. We are trusted by experienced trainers from across the world. Be the one of our satisfied clients!

How to purchase clothes for dog trainers in our online shop?

1. Take your measurements guided by the sizing picture showed in every product page.

2. Fill all the sizes in the attributes at the top of the page. You can also leave comments to your order.

3. Write us if you have any questions and our Customer Support Service will always help you with pleasure.

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