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American Bandogge Mastiff or Bandog is a vigorous guard dog. This breed combines excellent intrepidity and watch instinct in it. American Bandogge obtains great health, developed muscles and strong skeleton. Such powerful dog is not a usual pet. It requires persistent training and attention of the owner. We produce high quality dog training equipment especially for such large strong breeds as Bandog. A dog harness is an excellent choice for walking and training your powerful dog. We can also provide you with durable dog muzzles and dog leads for safe activities of your American Bandogge Mastiff. We have 2 delivery options to the UK and 5 payment variants. Ask our customer support team if the products descriptions don't answer all your questions.
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See the Video Instruction How to Measure Your Bandogge Mastiff for a Harness

Bandog is a rare breed in the UK. And it is a bit complicated to find a good dog accessory for it at the offline shops. Our company worked out an effective customer support strategy during 25 years in the business to make you feel comfortable while ordering K9 products online.


Watch Training Session with Bandog Mix Breed

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