Dog Communication: a Dog Lays Down

Dog Communication Tips: Lay Down

If a dog is laying on its back, it shows obedience. If a dog is laying on its tummy, it is an effective calming signal. It is frequently used by animals of a higher rate to calm down the other members of the flock. Dog owners often notice this signal of their dog who is considered to be the leaders among the other dogs in the flock.

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An adult dog may use this signal to calm down a puppy, who is too noisy and naughty or who is afraid of it. This signal is used also if some of the dogs is tired in the process of a game and wants to calm down the others.

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If your dog is under a stress, afraid or wants to attract your attention, just lay down on a sofa. As a rule, it calms down a dog very quickly, within several seconds.

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