You can learn dog behavior!

What an Old Dog Can Not Learn, Hans Learns Nevermore!

Often, the basic dog handler problem is with the boorish or even aggressive behavior of dogs if you have a puppy or a young dog:

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During the walking time it growls at everyone, starts to bark to the cyclist incessantly and bites people in the worst case.

Therefore, the learning of appropriate social behavior with puppies  is already as advantage. The puppy playing hour is to learn a great game to dealing with other dogs and people.

From the age of 8-10 months, the dog is ready for a dog training, which is used for example in the companion dog training.

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With the different "subjects" (sit, stay, here ...) a basic obedience and respect towards the owner is practiced. A sense of hierarchy is created between humans and animals.

Dog Training in Criticism

One aspect is unfortunately very often overlooked by critics of Dog Training: the intensive work with the dog usually arises a good bond between dog and his handler. Critics accuse the dog training that a dog in education is only trained, but overlook the fact that nature created the dog as a social being with its structure. The behavior in the pack is shaped by hierarchy: Leader of the Pack and simple pack member.

Of course, training of the dog must not be carried out by force, but as with children: with love and understanding. And of course, with all its consequences.
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