Dog Walking - How Many Times a Day to Walk a Dog?

How Many Times a Day You Should Walk Your Dog?

When there is a horrid weather outside the window and you were tortured by chill and by a rush work it is frightful even to think of walking your dog three times a day about an hour for each time! It is necessary to walk your dog 3-4 times a day. But actually, it only our subjective view on a problem and if once it was changed the problem would disappear.
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You need to confess honestly:

"Yes, I am very busy at work, I`m cooped up indoors all days long, I have constant stresses, my life is monotonous and boring. Thereon I`m constantly fell ill and simply I grow old. Once I liked nature and now I forget to look at the sky, clouds, stars — I can`t afford the time all the time - the house, work, affairs, the house.

The dog will return me feeling of the sweets of life, will give the commune with nature and "walking schedule" will recover my health. New keen people will appear in my life, but the main thing is that I will find a faithful and a wonderful friend for years!"

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It is all lyrics, of course. But the reality is that dogs really help the owners to keep up health and a good fit. The dog will help you to be closer to the nature and if you are curious and inquisitive, it "will show" you a squirrel on a tree and an otter in a gutter, and a brood of ducklings in grass, it will give you many surprising meetings even in the city not to speak of country grounds.

You have to choose how many times to walk with your dog. By the way, you can get acquainted with many people while walking your dog. Dog owners arrange something like "clubs" during dogs walking: agility, dog training, knitting from dog wool, books and seeds exchange.

By the way, in recent years in overpopulated by working people and emigrants New York the problem of social distance and uncooperativeness is solved throught the dogs and cats. Pets help to find a soulmate for lonely people saving a lump of money for marriage agencies without mentioning a life prolongation for elderly people and adaptation of children with serious diseases in society.

You can divide the dog walks among all the family members and at the weekend to walk with the whole family. When you all play ball, sledge or ride bicycles you train your dog and unify your family.

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As for walking your dog in nasty weather - the majority of dogs don`t like to walk in the poor weather themselves - they run out for a moment to do their duties and go home.

And if you have a small dog or a puppy you can solve the problem of walking your pet in poor weather with the helping of cuvet and cheerful indoor games.

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