Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Care and Cure

How to make a dog to take a pill?

Many dog owners face obstacles when it is needed to cure a dog. Sometimes it is a problem to make a dog to take a pill. The problem may be the fact, that the owners do not notice calming signals of a dog and that's why they frighten it with their awkward moves.

A dog owner should sit by the side of dog, parallel to it. The moves are calm, relaxed and slow going mainly upwards from down. No emotions, everything is calm and neutral. Open jaws of your dog with your fingers putting them into dog's mouth. Ground pill is placed to a little spoon. A spoon is placed as far as possible to dog's mouth. At the end of the procedure pat your dog's neck and back.

If a dog does not feel much negative emotions while taking a pill, the next time it will be more calm. Other way, if your moves are sharp, fast, provoking dog's irritation, the next time your dog will defend itself from taking a pill and the owner will decide to make it take a pill by means of force.

Even if your Staffie is a friendly and calm being, you will need a dog muzzle for visiting a vet and as a necessary accessory for traveling.

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