Dog Signs of Communication: Licking a Nose

Why a dog is licking its nose?

Licking a nose is one of dog calming signs. Sometimes dog show it so quickly, that it is not easy to notice this move.

Dogs may use this sign coming up to the mates, or other strange objects. Your dog will lick its nose also in the cases when you will bend over it or stay too close, grasp it or shout at your dog in irritated voice.

Though people sometimes imitate this signal in communication with a dog, they hardly manage to use it properly.

Example: Rockie noticed another dog coming up in his direction. When he stopped, he turned his head and licked its nose a couple of times.

Even one quick lick of a nose is a calming signal.

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Look at this Pit Bull Terrier: may be he is licking its nose to calm down itself, because of the camera in front of him. Or may be it is a calming sign for a person standing near.

Our dog muzzles for Pit Bull Terrier, Amstaff and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are very comfortable for your dog. They allow a dog to lick its nose free and half-open jaws. Nothing will restrict signs of communication of your dog even muzzled. It is very important for dogs to have the ability to express these signs to understand each other and avoid conflicts.

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