Staffy Dog Collar of One or Double Thick Leather?

Choose Staffy Leather Dog Collar

Staffy dog collar is the first in the list of accessories your pet needs for everyday outings. Full grain natural leather is one of the best materials for collars. It is strong, wearproof and absolutely harmless for dog health. There are one and double thick leather dog collars. What dog collar to use?

Staffy Leather Dog Collars UKDog collar for Staffy of one leather layer is the most popular model for daily walks and training. Leather strap is of optimal width and thickness to control the dog and not to hurt it.

The collar is durable and won't tear at heavy loads. It is also soft and flexible due to perfect leather processing and oiling. Staffy will feel comfy with the collar on and won't slip out of it. Leather contains no toxicants, its edges are well worked out to prevent any problems with skin.

The collar is intended for Staffires of medium and large sizes. It has 5 inlets for size regulation with the help of a standard belt buckle. Black, brown and beige colors of this collar are available.

The accessory will serve your Staffy for a long time and will become your reliable helper to walk and train the dog safely.

Best Dog Collar for StaffyDouble thick leather dog collar is extra strong and hard-wearing. Two leather layers are of premium quality. They are carefully stitched for additional durability. There are no rough stitches on the item. The collar is high-tensile, but pleasant to wear in spite of its width and thickness.

Such a collar fits for large and strong dogs only. Its intended purpose is agitation training. Design, strength and comfort level of the item are perfect to make attack work effective and safe for the dog. The collar is also used for walks and other kinds of training.

Rounded and polished edges, rough stitches absence, fine leather processing - all these qualities make this collar perfectly safe for Staffy. It won't rub or cut into the dog's skin and won’t provoke allergy or irritations. Leather is free from harmful impurities.

Staffy Dog Collars for SaleOne more advantage of the collar is a coat protective leather plate. It covers inner side of the buckle and prevents dog hair damage.

Classic buckle and 5 holes on the collar allow adjusting its size easily. Black and brown colors of the item are to your choice. This collar will provide confident control over your powerful pet.

Whichever collar you get of these two, please take care of the collar with special leather balsam to renew the product and to extend its service life.

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