Dog Communication Tips: Turns Back and Sideways

If Your Dog Turns Back and Sideways... And How to Use It.

If a dog turns its back or sideways to its mate, it calms down quickly. For example, when dogs play and get overexcited, in the middle of the game one of the dogs turns its back to the others asking to calm down.

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Watch Your Dog's Body Language

May be you happened to see your dog showing this sign when it was threatened by another dog by barking, coming up too quickly or straight, etc, or when you talked to it in a high voice or came up in low spirits. When young puppies irritate adults, the adult dogs turn their back to the young to calm them down. If you are pulling on a lead, your dog will turn its back to you, though making the pulling even stronger.

This calming sign is effectively used at such situations, as when your dog is worried, nervous, aggressive to you or when it is jumping at you. Very often it is enough just to turn your back to a dog to make it calm down.

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Use Your Dog's Calming Signals

Your Staffie, Amstaff of Pitbull may turn back in the cases, when it needs to avoid danger.

If you want to calm down your dog, turn your back to it and a dog will surely understand you, if you make it calm and relaxed and regularly use this sign.

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