Bull Terrier: How Should a Purebred Bull Terrier Look Like

A purebred bull terrier has to look like a dignified gentleman or like a graceful lady. Buying bull terrier pups, make sure they feel firm and look well-padded, have a big, egg-formed head without bruises or grooves. The bull terrier puppies are healthy creatures with large skeleton, a perfect scissors-like  bite containing of  six upper and six lower incisor teeth. The teeth have to be absolutely clean, of regular shape, covered by tightly fitting lips.


The bull terrier's head has some special features you should pay attention at: it has to be firm, elongated, deep, but not coarse and absolutely flat in the upper part, from ear to ear. The nose must be only black, without light spots, with well developed nostrils. This is what is called an actual bull terrier. Though you can also draw some conclusions about the breed purity after getting to know the bull terrier breeder and the dog itself. A miniature bull terrier has quite the same standards: an egg-shaped head, a cast down muzzle. But it mustn't be taller than 14 inch (35,5 cm). Other breed kinds like pit bulls have their own special features.

Exterior Disadvantages

The English bull terrier puppies must have little triangular eyes of black or blackish (hazel) colour. Blue eyes are a big breed disadvantage. Though Staffordshire bull terriers can have rather light-coloured eyes.
A spot on the nose is also considered a disadvantage. The bull terrier pups mustn't have any grooves on their heads. If they do, it is a deficiency.

Advantages of the Fighter's Body

This fighter dog is aware of its advantages. A powerful, beautiful neck grows from an athletic body. A firm and short back associates with a Roman shield. And the bull terrier - with a Roman legionary. A dignified Roman warrior with a wide chest and athletic thighs. Even short tails are born with dignity. It is only an aesthete, who can adopt such and aristocratic dog.

Bull Terrier Temperament and Breed Features

This dog breed became a real cult in its motherland, England. It is sociable, energetic, temperamental and stubborn. It's mood changes quickly depending on the circumstances. You see your bull terrier rest in an easy chair. Pick up a ball from the floor and in a second your dog will be chasing it all around the place. It is worth adopting a bull terrier because of its intellectual capacity. Its severe appearance conceals sensibility, good memory, a big heart and a playful nature.

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