Fading and Slow Moves as Dog Calming Signals

Dog Calming Signals: Fading and Slow Movement

Fading is a calming signal of communication when a dog keeps still without any movement in a standing, laying or sitting position. You may see this signal in the cases when a dog is really threatened and it stops any movement in the order to defend itself from any danger. Example: if another dog with a much larger size comes too close to yours, and starts smelling it.

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A dog starts moving slower as a calming signal and these moves may be so slow, that it is difficult to call a move. It is a strong calming signal.

Your dog may use this signal meeting another dog or if you call it with irritated, loud voice. A dog makes its moves slower when it admits irritated situation to calm down the people or dogs around. If you will try to make your dog go faster and start jumping, shouting, shake your hands, you will call another effect, the opposite one. Your dog will start to move slower or will fade to calm you down.

You may use this calming signal to calm down a dog who is frightened. When you are coming up to your dog to adjust a dog lead, try to move slower and it will be much easier to make it fast and calm and your dog will stand still.

Slowing of moves makes communication with a dog more relaxed and effective.

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