Staffy Dog Walking and Bike Riders

Dog walking and a bike

Dog walking usually happens in parks, paths and other public places where we meet passers-by, children, jogging and running people, and people riding bikes. How to control a dog, especially a large and strong dog like Staffordshire Bull terrier, when you meet a bike-rider?

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How to help you Staffy to undergo different stresses and meeting strange moving objects like strange people and bikers? When I see a bike coming up to me and my dog, I drive a dog aside and we are waiting till the rider passes us. By the way, it does not matter whether your dog is sitting, standing or laying. A dog decides itself how it is comfortable to undergo this situation. As soon as the biker passes, a dog lays on its back and tumbles around. It means, that the meeting with a biker was unpleasant. Dog tumbling on the back is a sign of stress.

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