How to Size Up the Right Dog Collar for Your Dog

Measure Pitbull and Pitbull Puppy Collar Size

When you choose a dog collar for your favorite, you want your dog to feel comfort with this dog accessory, that you've chosen for your beloved pet. That is why, before getting a dog collar, you have to know, how to fit it properly. Unsuccessfully fitted dog collar can cause discomfort, trouble breathing if it is too tight, or the dog can slip out of it if the collar is too loose.

First of all, you should know, that all thedog collars apart from the materials they are made of divided into 3 types - buckle style collars, choke collars (martingale collars, choke chains, fur savers) and pinch collars (prong collars). So, there exist 3 types of measuring coresponding to the model of dog collar. And all that you need is to choose the dog collar you like and to make the right measurements according to the design of dog collar, following the instructions given below.

Buckle Style Dog Collar

  1. Wrap a flexible tape measure around the middle of dog's neck and read the measurement.
  2. Write an exact neck circumference (size) without adding any notion.
  3. Please be advised that collar (3.9 inches 10 cm) has 5 holes and each one stands 0.9 inches (2.5 cm) away from another.
  4. Your dog's neck circumference should reach the third hole (C).
  5. You can regulate Pitbull puppy collar size when the dog grows and put on (D, E) when adult Pitbull loses (A, B) its weight.


Pitbull Puppy Collar Size


Note: Our dog collars are sized according to this measurement and not to the over-all length of the collar. If you chose the first Pitbull puppy collar size, then measure around its neck with an allowance for 2 fingers to fit between the dog's neck and collar.

Choke Collar Size

  1. Choke collars are pulled over the dog's head so measure your dog's head circumference in the widest part (just below the dog's ears and jaw line - see the blue line on the picture).
  2. Write an exact neck circumference (size) without adding any notion.
  3. Add approximately 2-3 inches (5 cm) to the length you've already measured.


choke collar size


Choke collar size = dog head circumference + about 2-3 inches (5 cm)

Note: If the size of a choke collar is too small, you can always order an additional links. If the size is too large, just remove the needless links from the dog collar.

Prong Collar Size
  1. Turn your attention, that prong collar should be worn on dog's neck right below its snout and not lower on its neck.
  2. When choose a prong collar, measure your dog's neck size right under its jaws.
  3. Write an exact neck circumference (size) without adding any notion.

choke collar size

Note: Wire gauge of a prong collar is recommended by dog trainers dog different dog breeds according to their weight and strength.

Don't know how to choose the most suitable dog collar for your pet? Then, our article about the different types of Dog Collars will help you to choose the right one for your dog activities.

If you have some questions about ordering, shipping or choosing the right dog collar for your pet you may contact us and we will give a full answers to all your questions.

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