American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT)

American Pit Bull Terrier


Let us introduce you a “star” dog Pitbull. This dog breed is known both as famous and notorious dog (other names: APBT, Pit Bull, Pitbull). Red nose pitbull and blue nose pitbull are varieties of the breed.


The main points:  

  •     Origin: United States, 19th  Century
  •     Lifetime: 12 years
  •     FCI: Not accepted
  •     Height at the withers: 45 to 56 cm
  •     Weight: 15-30 kg
  •     Size: average

APBT History and Origin


The American Pit Bull Terrier, often simply called as Pit Bull and having APBT abbreviation is an American breed, which is not recognized by the FCI. The United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized the pit bull breed at the first time in 1898. The breed founder C.Z. Bennett had first APBT and gave him the registration number 1.

The Pit Bull is a cross between a terrier and English bulldog and was initially bred to hunt rats. There were competitions held and many bets were placed on whose dog the fastest one in killing a certain number of rats had been. Then pit bulls were bred in England for dog fighting until these fights were forbidden in 1835.

Due to the times of pit bull dog fights the pit bull has a difficult status in many countries, pit bull dogs belong to one kind of the dangerous dogs and the keeping of such a breed can ever be linked to conditions of a certain country. Pit Bull Terrier in Great Britain is in contrast to the Staffordshire bull terrier in the list of most dangerous dogs, and the keeping is banned there since 1991.


American Pit Bull Constitution

The Pit Bull is a dog with a back height up to 56 cm that corresponds to medium sized dogs. He is short-haired and may have any color and pattern and never appears bulky, but muscular and athletic. The weight plays really rather minor role. Much more important is the relationship between a weight and a size. The tail is relatively short. The skull is flat and the pit bulls ears are positioned slightly, the head is quite large. Distinctive is the "beefy" chest, especially for pit bull male dogs.

Pitbull Terrier Temperament

The pit bull has a lot of confidence and strength no matter whether he is at home or at a walk. He loves to please his owner very much. He is very playful; he is well organized in the elder age and loves catching and retrieving games. Despite all the prejudices he likes children very much and is a good playmate. Nevertheless, he is very 'captivating'. What he has or where he is, all is his property. At least he is convinced in this. The Pit Bull is interested in everything that happens around him and emits his love of life around. Nevertheless, he appears rather hostile towards other dogs, so pit bull' socialization must be trained well. The pit bull breeder/owner/holder or trainer is highly responsible for this!

Today’s Pit Bull Missions

The pit bull is very nimble and is a good climber. A suitable enclosure is a must for him. He shows absolute willingness to work and can be used well in dog sports as Obedience or Agility.

Although the pit bull has such a bad reputation, these unique dogs are even used as therapy dogs or at shows because of having strong nerves.

A study by the University of Kiel showed that the American Pit Bull Terrier is not prone to excessive aggression.

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