How to Stop Dog Pulling on Lead? ?

Easy Exercises to Stop Dog Pulling on Lead ?

A common problem: Your Staffy pulling on lead as if it`s a Siberian Hasky and it was given a command to pull a sledge with a load. Such dog pulling on lead can have severe consequences as for Staffy so as for its owner.

Katharina von der Leyen gives three prompts that will help you to reach a quiet cooperation with your Staffy despite a dog lead. It irritates when a dog pulling on leash for many reasons: dog owner will need physical therapy as his favourite will put his shoulder out sooner or later. Or the dog will start hawking because of trachea injury. Moreover, it is inconvenient and uninteresting to walk with Staffy who always wants to walk aware from you and three times quicker than you.

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When the dog pulls on a lead you also start pulling, then your Staffy will pull even harder. Action produces a reaction - this rule is applicable for Staffy training as well as in other spheres of life.

It`s a dog owner, who is guilty by no means for missing the right moment when Staffy was a little puppy. Then the dog owner didn`t care whether the dog was walking near by or was running forward. Probably, he was proud when his puppy was running forward looking through obstacles. Dog walks on a lead take some time. But your Staffy should give up from acting as a driving force once for all and should get used to walk along with the owner and to respond to a change of pace and direction. But it`s not so easy for Staffy.

You need a dog toy with a bell inside for training your little puppy to walk on a lead. You should always hold in your hands such a sounding dog toy and when your Staffy is passed off and starts pulling aside you squeak with the toy.

- The puppy looks another way - you tighten a dog lead and squeak with the toy.
- The puppy looks at you - you praise a puppy.
- The puppy runs forward - the lead stretches and you squeak with the toy.
- The dog stops and looks at you when a lead is tighten - praise and encourage your Staffy.

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You may use this method with an adult Staffy until it is tired of the squeak toy.

Here is one more exercise a success of which depends on the right timing: tighten a dog leash, walk straight ahead and change the direction without a prior warning. Your aim is to surprise your Staffy.