Interview with Trevor Mills, Owner of a Bobtail Kennel

Trevor Mills on Staffordshire Bull Terriers,

 Breeding, Judging and Shows

We are grateful to TREVOR MILLS (KERSALEE, a bobtail kennel owner) an UK expert for the interview.

Question: Let me ask you a traditional question. Please tell about yourself, what dogs do you breed?
T.M.: I’ve been showing dogs since 36 years and judging – since 31 years. The breeds I am dealing with are: ASD’s, great Danes, pugs, west highland white terriers, Papillion dogs and bobtails. I also used to breed and show ponies and 
Question: Who is your best dog champion?T.M. UK, Luxembourg and Holland champion, KESSALEE TAKES A MOMENT inter champion, the best male-dog 2008, the best stud 2009, 2010.
Question: Do you prepare dogs for shows by yourself? 
T.M.: Yes, I do.
Question: Do you often judge Staffordshire bull terriers?
T.M.: Sometimes I do.
Question: What is the main thing you pay attention at? Movements, a good set, professional handling?
T.M.: The head plus the teeth system. Constitution. Movements. Type.
Question: When you judge Staffordshire bull terriers, can you blench little disadvantages (short tail, high ears, and a tooth in the gum), if the general expression of the dog is excellent? 
T.M.: The dog is judged by its advantages, I never judge by disadvantages.
Question: Do they use the service of professional handlers in the UK?
T.M.: Yes, but not so often as on the continent.
Question: How much does it cost to hire a handler in the UK? 
T.M.: 30 £ per show.
Question: Sometimes handlers try to show not the dog, but themselves. For instance ladies wear short skirts and décolleté. Do these attempts annoy you?
T.M.: Once again, I judge the dog, not the lady. 
Question: If at the show ring a dog shows its teeth or even worse – bites the judge, what sanctions are awaiting it?
T.M.: I would ask the owner to take the dog away from the ring. 
Question: Do many dog owners in UK visit general training courses with their dogs?
T.M.: Yes.
Question: Do the dogs get diplomas after these courses?
T.M.: Yes.
Question: Please tell how many the mating costs. In some countries, they usually pay a certain amount for every puppy born as a result of the mating.  In other countries, it is a fixed amount defined by the stud owner regardless any risks for both parties. How does it work in the UK?
T.M.: For my breed it’s about 
Question: What are the usual mating conditions? Does the payment take place after the litter is born or at the mating day?
T.M.: Usually they pay a part of the whole amount on the mating day. The rest – after the birth of puppies.
Question: If only one puppy is born, do they return a part of the amount to the female dog owner?
T.M.: Personally we do.
Question: If the bitch doesn’t get pregnant, do they usually return the stud fee and is the bitch owner entitled to mate her the second time free of charge with the same stud, or are there any other conditions?
T.M.: No, we don’t. Yes, we mate them once again. No, we don’t change the conditions.
Question: It’s no secret that even a successful breeder can get defective puppies. Do the UK breeders conceal the information on their faulty pups? What is the breeders’ attitude to this problem?
T.M.: We are very open. If you conceal the problem, is doesn’t disappear. Maybe someone can disagree with me on this point.
Question: How do you sell the puppies? Do you have your own web site? Do you advertise for your puppies on some other platforms on web?
T.M.: Web site, kennel-club plus previous buyers.