Choose Pitbull Pulling Harness

What Pitbull Dog Pulling Harness to Choose?

Are you in search of Pitbull pulling harness? These are the best ones for dog muscles building, physical training and sledding.

Best Pitbull Pulling HarnessThis Pitbull or Staffy weight pulling harness is the strongest and the most comfortable gear for your dog. It is made of nylon, which is resistant to wet, water, stretch and tears. Nylon is a dog-friendly and highly-practical material for all weather.

The harness is intended for long-term use and is suitable for a variety of Staffy activities, such as walking, training, sport, service work and pulling. Its construction is thought out to the last detail. Neck and belly straps are adjustable to regulate the size of the harness. Straps are wide and strong. Quick-release buckle will help you to put this harness on and off with one click. A handle on a back plate serves for additional control of your Staffy. It is very convenient and reliable.

There are 3 welded D-rings of rustless nickel-plated steel on this harness. They are securely stitched to the harness and won't tear off. Side D-rings are for pulling work and the upper one is for leash connection. This harness is maximum functional, safe and comfortable for your dog!

Pitbull Pulling Harness for SaleLeather dog harness for Staffy and Pitbull is of 100% natural materials of selected quality.

Genuine leather is as durable and hard-wearing as nylon. The harness is perfectly processed, worked-out along the edges and well-oiled for Staffy comfort and safety. It causes no rubbing or skin irritations. Moreover, chest strap and back plate are felt padded.

The harness is suitable not only for pulling, but also for walking, tracking, training and work. It is not recommended to use it in rainy weather. If the harness got wet, let it dry naturally and then oil it with special leather balsam. Thus you prolong lifetime of the accessory and make it look like new.

All metal details of this harness are of brass. They are welded, solid and rust-resistant. Moreover, brass shines like gold and adds luxurious look to the outfit.

There are classic buckles to regulate the harness size and a quick-detach one for fast and easy dog harnessing. The upper D-ring serves for leash attachment and 2 side D-rings - for pulling. The harness is carefully stitched and riveted to resist power of your dog and not to tear.

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